2018 Outlook for Data Loss Prevention in Victorville | Sonic SystemsEven though spectacular data breaches and catastrophic instances of lost records have diminished in the first quarter of 2018, data loss prevention experts believe that the situation continues to be of high concern. According to a statistical analysis conducted by Infosecurity Magazine earlier this year, more than 680 data breaches were reported from January to March, representing nearly 1.5 billion records.

Protect Your Business From the Dangers of Data Loss

The aforementioned statistics are certainly troubling, but they represent an improvement of at least 50 percent when compared to the same period in 2017. Looking deeper into the statistics, it should be noted that 214 direct attacks on W-2 tax forms were reported in 2017, but only 31 in 2018. For cybercrime groups that deal in identity theft, W-2 forms are highly prized.

What Victorville business owners should learn from the current state of data loss prevention that the overall rate of incidence is still high enough to merit close attention. The only silver lining at this time is that many cybercrime groups are shifting their efforts from identity theft to illicit cryptocurrency mining, but there is no telling how long this trend will last.

What Victorville Business Owners Should Know About Hacktivism

Another aspect of data loss prevention that Victorville business owners should pay attention to is the rise in “hacktivism” attacks, which are becoming more common and sophisticated. Emboldened by the media attention and fallout of the Panama Papers and Paradise Papers leaks, hacktivists are now targeting law firms and consultancy offices that perform work for municipal governments.

The problem with hacktivism attacks is that the groups that conduct them tend to be highly organized; in many cases, they will plant insiders to extract records and even to delete them to make strong political points. Unfortunately, these groups are sometimes secretly financed by powerful benefactors who have negative opinions against certain companies.

In 2018, Victorville business owners and self-employed professionals should consider data prevention strategies that touch on the three following aspects of information security:

  • Endpoint protection
  • Reliable data backups
  • Data security awareness

Social engineering and calculated fraud are the two most common causes of data breaches in 2018; therefore, information security awareness should not be ignored. Victorville companies that handle sensitive data or government contracts should protect against cyber vandalism attacks by adopting reliable data backup processes.

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