When Victorville video surveillance was introduced to the corporate world decades ago, its was mostly used for active monitoring instead of being integrated with security systems. It had taken quite a few years before video surveillance was combined with security systems; in the analog era, the advent of VCRs and sensors made this integration possible.

These days, digital video surveillance solutions are integrated with security by default. The Surveillance & Security Systems Department of Sonic Systems in Victorville provides both residential and corporate solutions that allow home and business owners to monitor their properties while actively keeping them safe.

The modern video surveillance installed by Sonic Systems have various advantages, namely:

  • Simple maintenance
  • High image quality
  • Remote monitoring
  • Low cost
  • Easy cross-system integration

The surveillance aspects above are found in all the solutions offered by Sonic Systems; however, not all systems are created equal. There are four main categories of surveillance systems:

  1. – Fully Digital IP Cameras
  2. – Hybrid SDI DVR Systems
  3. – Analog CCTV Cameras
  4. – Analog CCTV DVR Systems

The choice of Victorville surveillance system will depend on the particular needs of the home or business owner. The digital IP cameras are the systems in most demand these days; in their most basic setups, they are reasonably priced and can be easily upgraded. Hybrid SDI DVR systems also feature IP cameras, but they are more adequate for clients who need to add enhancements such as remote monitoring and sensors that activate recording when triggered. Analog systems can take advantage of existing coaxial cable installations and can be very inexpensive for clients interested in active monitoring by security specialists.

Sonic Provides Modern Surveillance Systems in Victorville

For many owners of residential properties and Victorville small businesses, a modern IP camera surveillance system is a good start. Once the zone layout is determined by technicians, other factors such as lux rating, remote access and the sensors to be installed can be discussed. IP camera systems can record surveillance video on hard drives and flash storage devices, but there may be system limitations in this regard. Clients who have a stronger need for security should consider the more advanced hybrid SDI DVR systems, which are more adequate for reviewing footage as well as for remote monitoring via mobile devices.

Although most clients in Victorville will opt for digital IP camera systems, it is important to note that analog CCTV solutions should also be considered as being dependable and affordable.