2018 Will Be The Year of Malware

Providing forecasts of the challenges that lie ahead in the information security landscape has become a New Year’s tradition for experts who work in this field. Over the last few years, Israel has become known as a leading nation in terms of cybersecurity research, and one of the most worrisome forecasts was recently issued by Minerva Labs, an enterprise IT security firm located near Tel Aviv.

According to the Minerva Labs report, the year 2018 will be underscored by malware sophisticated enough to avoid detection by popular antivirus solutions. The report also mentions that enterprise computer users will face greater risks than they did in 2017, and this is despite advanced the development of advanced security measures such as artificial intelligence malware detection.

Malwares Are Smarter Than Ever

Antivirus evasion scripts are becoming standard in ransomware attacks, and exploit kits are the tools most commonly used by malicious hackers for this purpose. These kits scan the operating systems and software applications of website visitors in order to spread ransomware. About half of the malware samples evaluated by Minerva Labs were found to be using memory injection tactics as part of their attacks. Nearly 30 percent used more advanced techniques such as infected documents created according to the recommendations of the National Security Agency; it should be noted that the cybercrime outfit known as the Shadow Brokers has previously leaked several malware kits stolen from the NSA.

“Cryptominers” is a part of a new type of malware that is being increasingly used by malicious hackers for the purpose of monetization. Instead of trying to steal information, many hacking outfits are showing greater interest in planting software that steals computing resources as well as bandwidth for the purpose of mining cryptocurrency. These mining applications are often difficult to detect; they do not focus on Bitcoin as much as in other digital currencies such as Monero, Dash, and Ripple, which offer greater anonymity and run on blockchains that do not require the massive resources demanded by Bitcoin.

The bottom line of the malware forecast for 2018 is that High Desert companies should not leave their office networks unprotected. By retaining managed IT services such as SonicCare, business owners get the benefit of constant, real-time remote management and monitoring. At a time when data breaches and other information security issues are causing billions of dollars in business losses around the world, the need for professionally managed IT services is greater than ever.