Secure Your Network

When we talk about networks, we are primarily talking about business networks, though certainly home networks are just as vulnerable to business networks. It is not just that networks are poorly protected from both online and human threats; it is that information technology changes quickly. What was once an outstanding guardian of your data has now become the castle wall trying to defend your property from an army with catapults. Eventually, the walls are coming down and then your networking data is defenseless, unless you have full IT Support.

Internet threats like virus and malware are prime concerns. They are relentless in their attempts to infiltrate your network. Human’s are also a threat they look for physical and online ways to gain access to your data. What is worse, is that the attacks may not be from people whom you do not know. It may well be from people you know and trust. Network security is nothing to joke about in today’s world. There is even the potential risk from the mundane. Natural disasters, power outages, fire, etc. all pose a threat to your network. Be Secure!

What a Modern Networking Defense Looks Like

The day of the plug-in on-site wireless router is gone. Yet, many businesses still rely on those archaic devices to protect their network. The problem is that the entire internet has changed, and the IT philosophies and protocols have also changed. Using old devices causes problems other than security risks. They are often the culprit for slow internet speeds because they cannot handle modern internet traffic. What a modern network requires is:

  • A quality Partner such as Sonic Systems that can evaluate your network security risks and discuss with you options that match your existing needs as well as manage and balance network needs as your business grows.
  • Remote access for daily management and system care as needed for all Victorville and High Desert businesses.
  • Provides full network monitoring
  • Provides Managed Antivirus services
  • Offers full IT support or integrates with in-house IT support.

Managing Network Security Cost

Small Victorville business owners should consider a complete networking system over a system made up of individual pieces. The cost, to support a complete system, is usually lower than when each component of your network’s security system is piecemeal. Each unit needs special software, drivers; it becomes labor intensive to deal with all of that. Labor intensive projects bear a heavy cost burden. Also, look at the cost of additional software needed even when using a complete system. Price out the entire security cost before buying.

Activate Your Network Defense Strategy

Once your High Desert network is secure you, are free to embrace the changing business environment.

  • Take on projects that ramp up online and e-commerce projects in a secure and managed environment.
  • Set security limits for each employee and partition data to mirror security clearance.
  • Set security limits and provide access for vendors and non-employee visitors.
  • Encourage online collaboration between clients, employees, and vendors by creating a secure environment that favors your business model.
  • Reduce legal and financial risk by limiting access to data.
  • Scale-up your business by adding satellite offices quickly and effortlessly while still maintaining top-shelf security.

When Problems Arise

Just use the 800 number and contact Sonic Systems. Likely a report has already been forwarded to us, and we are working on your network as you call. When choosing a security partner ask if they provide emergency and after-hour support, and what the cost is for those services. You will want to know when support is available and that level of support you will receive. Managed Antivirus is one type of support that benefits small business, commercial business, and home networks.

Providing security for your entire network, SonicCare Network Protection, and SonicCare Secure Firewall guards your data. If you need a better network security plan, Sonic Systems provides customizable services for Real Estate, Medical, Office, and small businesses throughout Victorville and the High Desert. For more information about how Sonic Systems can help your business meet its network security needs, just call and talk with one of our reps.