Judging by various headlines published during the last month of 2017, commercial activity in Hesperia is expected to grow considerably, thus making it one of the most attractive High Desert cities for business in the New Year. Some of the headlines included:

  • American Tire Depot opening its 100th store.
  • City council approving a measure to accommodate the burgeoning cannabis industry.
  • RedPak opening a high-tech medical waste treatment plant that will create many new jobs.

These fresh developments suggest that Hesperia is poised to continue growing as an important business center not only in the High Desert but also across the Golden State. If you are a Hesperia business owner, these should be exciting times for your company, and you should be adequately prepared to meet new business demands in 2018.

Get Your Hesperia Business Up & Running With SonicCloud Solutions

At a time when business is picking up across the High Desert, a Hesperia SonicCloud solution makes perfect sense for new and existing companies. With a reliable cloud computing service such as Hesperia SonicCloud, you will have complete control over the IT infrastructure and data communications of your business at a cost that is considerably lower than running a client/server model.

If your Hesperia business handles sensitive data that must be kept on-premise due to compliance issues, SonicCloud can be configured as a self-hosted solution, which means that data will reside in your own physical servers but can be securely managed and synchronized across devices similar to public cloud services such as Office 365 and Dropbox, but with far more control and at a very reasonable cost.

The choice of self or remote hosting is up to you. If your Hesperia company is bound by HIPAA compliance, you might be required to keep a substantial amount of data on your own servers, but you may also want to include a remote backup and recovery solution in case of critical system failure or disasters.

Managing Your Local Business Through Hesperia SonicCloud

With a Hesperia SonicCloud service in 2018, your company will be able to apply data encryption, scan files for malware, securely backup information to recover from ransomware attacks, implement two-factor authentication, receive smart notifications on file activity, enact content control policies, and more.

As a business owner, the last thing you want to do in 2018 would be to make unnecessary investments on a client/server office network with expensive hardware requirements. Contact Sonic Systems today to learn more about our Hesperia SonicCloud service.