Some of the most spectacular data breach incidents become case studies shortly after they are reported; such was the situation earlier this year with British Airways, the flag carrier of the United Kingdom, which was targeted by a notorious cybercrime outfit known as Magecart. Details about this particular data breach underscore the need for comprehensive Apple Valley business network protection.

In September 2018, British Airways reported that 380,000 of its customers fell victim to a credit card skimming attack involving its website and mobile app. Over a two-week period, customers who booked British Airways flights online ended up sending their credit card information, including expiration date and even card verification codes, to a rogue server set up by hackers in Romania.

Cyberattacks Target User Data

The cybercrime group in question is known to information security specialists as Magecart; this is an outfit that has previously gone after major targets such as Ticketmaster, but it is also suspected to attack smaller businesses in the United States. Magecart hackers typically scan e-commerce websites for vulnerabilities that will allow them to inject malicious code; they will even purchase security certificates so that online shoppers do not suspect that their credit card information is being transmitted to a rogue server.

The British Airways data breach was discovered by a cybersecurity firm that keeps tabs on Magecart. The airline’s IT staff did not detect the breach until British law enforcement agencies contacted them, which suggests that the network was not being actively monitored.

Secure Your Apple Valley Business’s Networks

This particular cyber attack highlights why Apple Valley business network protection is more important than ever. Websites and networks, particularly those that handle e-commerce transactions, need to be constantly monitored. It is important to note that the British Airways data breach did not involve a network intrusion; instead, it involved the injection of 22 lines of malicious code and a redirection of traffic. With the right Apple Valley business network protection solution in place, technicians who monitor systems would be notified about changes to websites, weaknesses, and traffic being sent to unknown servers.

At a time when just a few lines of code can result in the theft of 380,000 credit cards, Apple Valley business network protection is something that you should strongly consider. To learn more about how Sonic Systems can protect your business network against data breaches and other cyber attacks, get in touch with one of our information security specialists today.