Increasing Business Security With Adelanto SonicExchange Email HostingThe investigation into alleged collusion between Russian operatives and the political campaign that resulted in the 2016 election of United States President Donald Trump has shone an important light on the topic of email security. The Office of Special Counsel has identified not just the suspected attackers, who seem to be affiliated with the Kremlin, but also the methods used to gain access to email accounts.

Thus far, the Special Counsel investigation has revealed that Gmail accounts of the Democratic National Committee were targeted by hackers seemingly operating on behalf of Russian interests. Their modus operandi included sending a spoofed phishing message designed to look just like a Google security alert.

What Will Your New Adelanto Email Look Like?

If you use Gmail, you may be familiar with the format of these notifications, which are often sent when you use a new device to access your account. The top of the email notification is a red banner with a sentence that sums up the situation, the font used is a Sans Serif variant, and a light blue rectangle calls for an action to be taken. In the case of the phishing emails in the Trump investigation, the message insinuated that someone in Ukraine had managed to obtain the victims’ Gmail password, thereby prompting them to visit a website that looked just like a Google page to change their password.

One of the problems with Gsuite, formerly known as Google Apps for Work, is that the service has become a favorite target for hackers who copy Google’s familiar visual style. With a SonicExchange email hosting solution, the design of security notifications can be customized for your Adelanto business, and this is for the purpose of staying a step ahead of hackers.

Another interesting aspect of the aforementioned email hacking investigation is that the phishing messages did not succeed when two-factor authentication was enabled. This extra security measure can be configured with SonicExchange email hosting solutions so that your staff members can safely access their email accounts when they are not in their Adelanto offices.

Invoice redirection is another email security issue becoming prevalent these days. In this particular attack, hackers will look for open ports in email servers for the purpose of monitoring correspondence; once they learn about invoicing patterns, they will fake and spoof billing statements so that they can redirect payments. With a SonicExchange email hosting solution, you can review server access logs to catch suspicious connections that should not be monitoring your Adelanto business communications.