A recent episode of the hit drama series “Mr. Robot” recalled a notorious information security incident dating back to 2010. In the episode, a hacker prepares to destroy compromising hard drives but not before backing up sensitive data to a couple of audio CDs; the idea behind this measure is that law enforcement agents raiding his apartment would likely focus on his computer equipment instead of going through his collection of ripped CDs.

The dummy CD strategy was used in 2010 by Chelsea Manning, a former United States Army soldier stationed in the Middle East, to extract more than 90,000 sensitive documents about military operations in the region. Manning stored the documents in a CD falsely labeled to contain music by pop queen Lady Gaga. Those documents would later be released to the public by the controversial WikiLeaks publishing platform.

It took a forensic network investigation by the U.S. Army to determine that the files had been copied and extracted by Manning. Since then, similar incidents have resulted in the Panama Papers, and the Paradise Papers scandals, both involving several gigabytes of stolen data copied from controversial law firms operating in offshore tax havens.

What Should Local Apple Valley Businesses do to Protect Intellectual Property with SonicCloud

The bottom line of the aforementioned incidents is that the networks where the stolen information was hosted did not have an appropriate means of access control and monitoring. A rogue employee or a remote attacker diligently copying gigabytes of confidential data is a situation that should be detected with appropriate network policies.

With a SonicCloud self-hosted solution, business owners and network administrators in Apple Valley can set policies to monitor and control the flow of data; in fact, smart notifications can be programmed to alert managers of suspicious activity such as an employee copying numerous files over a few days.

The Apple Valley SonicCloud service offered by Sonic Systems can be configured for maximum security. Law firms, medical offices, and financial services providers are examples of the kind of Apple Valley businesses that stand to benefit the most from SonicCloud.

Information security experts believe that intellectual property and sensitive data leaks will likely increase in 2018; what this means for Apple Valley companies is that they should start thinking about protective solutions such as SonicCloud.

Complete control over sensitive data is a must; to learn more about Apple Valley SonicCloud and how it can improve data security in your company, contact Sonic Systems at (760) 242-2777.