Your Hesperia office network needs to be protected by more than just firewalls and antivirus software, which are mostly designed to prevent direct threats. In today’s business environment, companies must handle cyber threats coming to them from every direction, particularly those threats that indirectly target employees.

Network security can be bypassed in various ways. In recent years, information security analysts have determined that web browsing from the office is becoming riskier for business owners who fail to apply content security and browsing policies for their companies.

Increasing Network Security Concerns in Hesperia

There was a time when business owners believed that a simple internet usage policy was sufficient to keep their networks safe. Those policies used to be written by human resources managers who were more concerned about staff members furtively browsing inappropriate and embarrassing content during working hours. To this effect, the policies were somewhat vague in the sense that they warned against web browsing for non-business related purposes. In other words, business owners did not want their employees browsing risqué websites from their cubicles.

Loss of productivity was another major concern of early internet usage policies. In 2011, an AOL Time Warner survey revealed that 22 percent of American workers spent up to two hours each shift browsing non-business related websites.

After the aforementioned internet usage policies proved to be mostly ineffective, browsing filters started to be developed for business networks. These filters were the first smart step into crafting and enforcing acceptable use policies; eventually, filtering software evolved into content security systems that set browsing policies while improving security, bandwidth, and productivity.

Content Security for Local Hesperia Businesses

Sonic Systems offers Hesperia content security in the form of Sonic Protect, a business solution that focuses on providing safe browsing environments for the office. Instead of simply filtering out adult content or questionable sites, SonicProtect goes further by preventing employees from accidentally browsing sites that may compromise the security of the network.

Malicious hackers and cybercrime groups are known to set up websites that lure visitors for the purpose of infecting their devices with malware, exposing them to phishing attacks, and creating opportunities for network breaches.

The right way to set up Hesperia content security is not by establishing restrictive policies; after all, you want your employees to use the internet and its vast information sources. With SonicProtect, you can adjust the level of your Hesperia content security with browsing policies that are not only protective but also make sense for your business.