What Makes Victorville SonicExchange Email Hosting Secure | Sonic SystemsThe investigation being conducted by the United States Special Counsel into the events that resulted in the election of President Donald Trump has many lessons for IT administrators to learn, and one of them is related to the security of email servers.

Breaches of Security at the Highest Level

In early March 2018, various news reports indicated that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was investigating the circumstances of the cyber attack on the email servers of the Democratic National Committee in 2016. In one instance, a phishing attack allowed hackers to gain access to the email account of John Podesta, a powerful political strategist who managed the Clinton campaign; in a separate attack, hackers managed to steal thousands of messages from DNC email servers, which were subsequently made public by WikiLeaks.

The Podesta emails were obtained by means of a spear-phishing attack consisting of a fake security alert designed to look like a Google notice. Podesta followed instructions to change reset his Gmail password, which was captured by Russian hackers operating a rogue website. The DNC email servers were hosted by Google Apps, and they were also breached by means of phishing attacks despite two-factor authentication implemented by many accounts.

Information security researchers who studied the Podesta and DNC incidents have commented that the use of Gmail made it easier for hackers to carry out the attacks since it is not difficult to copy the look of a Google security alert. A solution such as SonicExchange email hosting, offered by Sonic Systems in Victorville, would have been a more secure option.

Similar to the Gmail service that is part of Google Apps for Business, Victorville SonicExchange email is hosted in the cloud. SonicExchange runs on a dedicated Microsoft Exchange server that protects your email with several security and compliance features such as:

  • Identity management
  • Document access management
  • Business rules
  • Secure synchronization
  • Message encryption
  • Malware scanning
  • Spam filtering

A Victorville SonicExchange email hosting solution is not only secure but also convenient and affordable. Business owners do not have to worry about upfront hardware and installation costs; moreover, they do not have to worry about upgrades or server maintenance. Messages, contacts, calendars, and tasks can be easily synchronized across workstations, laptops, and mobile devices. Since Victorville SonicExchange email is a cloud service, business owners have the advantage of being able to scale their server as their companies grow and expand.

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