Two of the most scandalous incidents that made international headlines in 2016 involved major content security issues. The Panama Papers and the breaching of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) email systems were cybercrime occurrences that shifted the global balance of power. Both incidents could have been prevented by stronger content security measures.

How Do Major Security Breaches Affect Victorville Businesses

The DNC email breach allegedly resulted in the surprising electoral victory of Donald Trump to succeed President Barack Obama. The Panama Papers prompted the resignation of the Prime Minister of Iceland. If such incidents can wreak havoc at the highest political levels, it is not far-fetched to think the damage that a Victorville business would sustain due to poor content security.

In the case of the Panama Papers, an insider working at a law firm in Central America siphoned terabytes of sensitive documents over an office network for the purpose of revealing them to world leaders and to an international consortium of journalists. The DNC email hack was prompted by a series of phishing attacks.

Securing Your Private Content in Victorville

Content security is a business process that many company owners in Victorville are not aware of; in essence, content security consists of a number of network and browsing measures designed to prevent attacks such as the DNC hack and the Panama Papers.

The breach of the DNC email system could have been prevented if a political aid was blocked from accessing a fake website allegedly set up by hackers working for the Russian government. The malicious website was developed to look like a Google site used to change passwords and set up two-factor authentication, known as 2FA.

As for the Panama Papers, a good content security strategy would have alerted IT security personnel as to the high bandwidth being used over a few days to transfer data from the network to an outside location. The bulk of the Panama Papers was supposedly transferred after hours; this could have been prevented by blocking certain network functions during specific times.

In Victorville and across the High Desert, business owners can establish content security for their companies with solutions such as SonicProtect, which allows full control of internet use and provides important security measures to protect data networks.

With SonicProtect, Victorville companies can improve their bottom lines in 2017 by increasing productivity through browsing permissions, and they can also improve the performance of their networks with bandwidth management. Most importantly, however, SonicProtect helps to prevent situations such as the Panama Papers and the DNC email hack.